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Evaluation Video - WONDERFUL

From: Concerned in FL
Date: 15 Dec 1999
Time: 14:21:46
Remote Name:


Just wanted to give a little input regarding the Custody Video. It is definitely well worth the purchase price. There is a lot of information on this tape that is so useful. Over the past few weeks, we have gathered information for our attorney, and the ball started rolling after presenting our attorney with a 3 ring binder full of information. Without this video, we could have left out important information, but from posting on this discussion board, and receiving answers from the Evaluator, and listening to the individuals... I'm proud to say, we may have a shot at winning custody. And, between our attorney and numerous witnesses at our child's school and after school care, including the top directors at each, I think we will present enough evidence that the mother has shown poor judgment, neglect, possible physical abuse from eye witnesses, domestic violence (3 police reports in the past year... including 2 restraining orders, one filed by her and the other by her then boyfriend, who moved in one month and out the next, but now a couple months later is back in her life and is supposedly going to marry her within the next couple of weeks! Of course, there is much more info, and with the help of this tape, we were able to cover things that we would not have thought of. Thanks!

Consider obtaining both the Win Child Custody and Custody Evaluation Videos at and They will be invaluable for your case.

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