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Custody Evaluation Video for use in a custody evaluation available direct download or DVD.

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A custody evaluation is often the best way to determine what is best for the child and make recommendations to the court regarding child custody and visitation.  The court follows the recommendations in the evaluation in over 90% of custody cases.

Since the custody evaluation process is so important and can be very tricky, it is recommended that you learn everything you can about the process as early as you can.  With the custody evaluation video, you gain the advantages described below.

  • We teach you how to get the evaluator to make recommendations in the best interest of your child and how to gain or defend child custody.

  • The Custody Evaluation experience can be trying to even the most seasoned professional.  You need valuable information to help you achieve success for your child in the evaluation process.

  • Children need you to do certain things in the process for common sense and justice to prevail.  Children need your support and encouragement to be effective.

  • We teach you what the evaluator is looking for and also what not to do during the evaluation.  This information will help you achieve your goal of child custody or increased visitation.


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